Year-End Goals & Mahomes Magic

I wondered who’d get the “money shot” from that Chiefs vs. Seahawks Christmas Eve game. And here it is for me.

Patrick Mahomes diving to tap the pylon for a touchdown in the KC Chiefs vs Seahawks NFL game (December 2022)

What. A. Play!

What. A. Photo.

I’ve seen many a shot of the now infamous touchdown by Patrick Mahomes, and this one simply gives me chills. The clear view of the hand position, a horizontal Mahomes, and the football just as it kisses the pylon. Pure gold!

Chiefs No. 15 has shown time and time again what it means to completely commit to achieve a goal, and this play right here says it ALL!

This is the energy I’m taking into the last week of December, because 2022 isn’t over yet.

I’ve got goals to wrap up, a book launch on the 27th, and other to-do items I want completed before the New Year rings in. So I’m gonna channel some of this #MahomesMagic for myself right up to the finish line (11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve).

Oh, and just one more thing. MVP! Enough said…

P.S. I’m thinking the photographer, @jaybiggstagram, needs to turn this photo into a print? I’m gonna need one. What about you?

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