FOR AUTHORS | What Makes a Romance? Seven tips [Reblog]

Are you doing your fans and your writing career a disservice by inaccurately categorizing your stories? Are you really writing a romance or could it be more accurately classified as woman’s fiction or maybe an urban fantasy? For help answering these questions, take a look below at Shannon Donnelly’s blog post “What Makes a Romance? Seven Tips” and don’t forget to end your true romance with a happy (or happy-for-now) ending.


    1. You are so welcome, and thanks for the compliment. The writersinthestorm post was so timely for me having finished reading a book this weekend that had me pondering whether to write a blog post on how some writers and publishers choose to classify their works. The book was classified as romance although it turned out to be a women’s fiction novel. The book had romantic elements but the romance was not the central focus of the story. I was initially disappointed with the story (because I was in the mood for a romance), but chose to finish it anyway and realized it was a really good book. When I went to rate it on Goodreads, it had gotten quite a few bad reviews. I believe those dissatisfied readers were rating the book according to their expectations of a classic “romance” story, which is unfortunate. Paying attention to Shannon’s seven tips can help authors manage readers’ expectations better, which could lead to higher ratings and better reviews (provided, of course, the story also shines). Great post, ladies.

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