So I Think I Can Write?

Yep! I do!

I pulled the trigger and put my work out there for public reading (*gasp* and *oh, my*).

I got serious about writing and editing and studying the publishing industry about two years ago, but only a few close friends have ever read my work.


The most common theme on the blogosphere and Twitter #writetips is “get ‘er done” (ok, I cleaned that expression up a bit) and “put your work out there”. Well, I’m following instructions. It’s out there and out there in a big way: Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write 2013 contest. The winner gets a contract to write for Harlequin!

Remember that 100-word pitch I asked for feedback on a few weeks ago? That’s the manuscript I’m using for the contest. Working title is COUNSELOR UNDONE. I’m pitching to Harlequin Desire so it’s a little steamy.

If you like to read steamy (and even if you don’t Winky Emoticon), I’d love your feedback. Check out my first chapter on the Harlequin contest site.

[Update: The contest period is over. First chapters have been removed from the contest site, but you can still read my first chapter by clicking ==> here.]

The entry will be judged on the following areas: Voice (33%), Content (33%) and Writing Skills (34%). If my chapter receives a high enough score, I’ll finish in the Top 50. Top 50 finalists get to submit their entire manuscript. Harlequin editors will then pick the Top 10 full manuscripts for a public vote to begin November 12th.

I’m excited and anxiously awaiting the first round decisions.

[Update: I made the Top 10 Finalists!! Yea!]

What about you? Do you think you can write? Love to write romance? There’s still time to enter. First chapters can be submitted until October 9th, 4:59 PM EDT/EST. What are you waiting for?

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As always, thanks for stopping by.

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