Romance Industry Anticipation for NEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER

Let’s talk Black Highlanders! Our hero for NEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER is Kallum MacNeill, army commander for Clan MacNeill. I was lucky enough to have this book land on several “most anticipated books” lists of 2022.

One of my fav writeups was the Book Riot piece by @jess_is_reading. She references the teaser we dropped with the initial cover reveal: “From author Lisa Rayne comes a historical mash-up of Dirty Harry in a kilt with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This banter-laden historical romance proves kilts have never been more fun!”

She also fawned over the initial cover (we tweaked it a bit and made it even better,

if you can believe that – 😀 ) and my shoutout to one of the classic film lines from History of the World: Part I (1981) by the great Mel Brooks, among other things.

“When Lisa Rayne dropped her cover reveal in early 2021, Twitter went absolutely bonkers. This cover, amirite? Highlander romances aren’t quite a dime a dozen anymore, but they’re still pretty common. HOWEVER. Never before, in any of our lives, have we seen a highlander romance with a cover like this one.

– Jessica Pryde (Book Riot)

Book Riot has given my Highlander much love since then, and many readers have indicated they found me through some Book Riot post, article, or podcast.


  • How did you first find me as a reader?
  • What intrigues you most about the possibilities for Kallum MacNeill’s story?

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