Old West

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas meets Shane in this sexy and irreverent historical romance featuring the classic enigmatic cowboy of the Old West.

Key Tropes:

  • Bad boy/Loner
  • Opposites Attract
  • Bodyguard/Protector


Release date:  Spring 2024
Genre: Historical Romance (Old West)

Proper eastern lady Mary Catherine Templeton is on the verge of being destitute when she learns she’s inherited a saloon out west. Armed with her recent bachelor’s degree, she spends her last dollars on a train ticket to the plains of Kansas rather than resort to marriage and a man for support. She’s determined to make a success of the rundown liquor joint, even after her innocent sensibilities are shocked to discover its other sinful commodity. 

All burnt-out bounty hunter Blaaze Lassiter wants is to retire in a quiet, uneventful town, catch up on his reading, and try a little whittling. He thought he’d found the perfect place to abandon his live-by-the-gun ways, but ever since that she-devil changed the rules for the upstairs amenities in the establishment she inherited, the frustrated men of Lawless have started a ruckus worthy of the town’s name but detrimental to his peaceful existence. 

When the backlash against Mary Catherine becomes life-threatening, Blaaze feels duty-bound to strap on his guns again to protect the woman who’s got his blood riled in more ways than one. But once he puts down this insurrection, he’s gonna take up a new leisure activity—one that involves giving the prissy college graduate a whole different kind of education.