Nook UK E-store Gone: Who’s Next?

bn-nook-logo-reader-600-300x200At the request of friends and several book club members, I made my first novel (Counselor Undone) available in Nook e-reader format. About two weeks ago (on February 24th), I removed the book from Barnes & Noble’s Nook store and went exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle platform under the KDP Select program. Why? Because my Nook sales were anemic compared to my Kindle sales, and I determined that the benefits of making Counselor Undone available through the Kindle Unlimited subscription platform outweighed the downside of having no Nook ebook.

Then yesterday, I read that B&N is discontinuing its UK Nook e-store and those in the UK with Nook content will have to move it elsewhere for continued access. Hmm…is this just a precursor to the Nook (or other e-reader) platforms going away in other countries as well?

The Nook has been on shaky ground on and off over the last few years. Rumors in 2013 indicated the Nook was going away, but B&N said they were keeping it (albeit only in non-HD formats). Then B&N hoped to boost its e-reader’s popularity by co-branding it into the Samsung Nook Galaxy Tab 4 (I love Samsung tablets, by the way).

Is the Nook platform once again on shaky ground? What does the UK Nook e-store demise mean (if anything) for those in other countries with tons of Nook content?

Nook users, what are you thinking?

Digital readers of other platforms, what are you thinking?

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