Introducing the Love & Law Saga

3D-Book-Lisa_Rayne-Counselor_UndoneI am excited to introduce my Love & Law saga. The Love & Law saga will comprise novel-length, stand-alone stories featuring characters linked by family, work or intrigue. You will be able to start with the first book in a series or pick one at random that appeals to your curiosity.

The first series of the saga features the lawyers (and their acquaintances) of Remington Tower. Book 1 (Counselor Undone) is now available in ebook and trade paperback. The story introduces us to Michael Remington, corporate litigator and leader of the law firm Remington Hager & McCormick. In addition to fighting for the case of his career, jaded workaholic Michael Remington finds himself fighting a battle to shield his heart from co-counsel who’s as tempting as she is ethically off-limits.

Counselor Undone also introduces us to Michael’s best friend Chase Hager and their partner Royal McCormick. Bound by camaraderie, ambition, and an equity interest in one of the most successful law firms in Kansas City, Michael and his partners will immerse you in a world where the twists of their journeys are only surpassed by the love they find along the way.

The partners’ stories will anchor readers in the world and players of the Love & Law: Remington Tower miniseries. The trilogy sets the tone for future tales of legal intrigue, family drama, and — of course — heart-pounding romance.

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