My Going Mogul Journey

Hi, I’m Lisa!

My passion: Helping authors eliminate overwhelm and build quickly from “platform to profits” via strategic and proven step-by-step systems.


When I first started writing, I understood the business side of publishing but had to learn how to proceed as a creative. What I discovered was there was no central source of comprehensive information on how to go from pitch session to pitch submission or determine whether to shuck it all and simply go indie. Resources talked about writing query letters, drafting synopses, pitching to agents and publishers, going indie via Amazon, or going “wide.” While most of those sources told me what to do, they failed to show me how to do it.

Using my background as a lawyer (who specialized in intellectual property, contracts, and entertainment & media) and as a business strategist, I eventually cultivated simple strategies and tools that made the process of becoming a multi-published, award-winning author systematic and less overwhelming.

With Going MogulTM for authors, I’m committed to sharing with others a clear roadmap to build a sustainable and thriving book publishing business. More importantly, I’ll focus on strategies that allow you to do so without compromising your values or neglecting relationships with those you love.

In my early writing days, I was working full-time as a professional and solo parenting a very active middle schooler and an even more active, three-sport teen, so I didn’t have a lot of spare time outside of the writing itself. I wasn’t willing to miss volleyball games or track meets or say no to that other dance class. As a result, I went looking for resources to simplify the actions I needed to take once I was ready to seek publication.

In fact, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to effectively and efficiently build an author career while balancing my family life only to find that much of the customary “wisdom” was actually a waste of my time or ultimately didn’t help me sell more books.

Sound familiar?

What if:

  • Someone gave you a step-by-step plan to accomplish each aspect of the publishing business that currently has you baffled or stumped and maybe just plain overwhelmed?
  • I told you there are simple solutions to building an author platform that actually attracts your ideal reader and helps you make more money off your books?

Shh . . . I know those sound like dirty words. We’re supposed to be all about the craft, not all about the Benjamins. Right?

But you deserve to be paid for the fabulous stories you give to the world. So join me to learn how to not only publish more books but sell more books by doing the right actions the right way at the right time.

Stay tuned!

My Writing

Click image to read the interview.

I recently spoke with Writer’s Digest about my writing process for NaEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER. This was my first historical romance, and it proved a labor of love but not without its challenges.

While you’re waiting for our first programs to launch, check out the online WD Be Inspired section to read about my learning curve with research rabbit holes and my hopes for the future of historical romance.

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release date: December 27, 2022
Genre/category: Historical Romance
Previous indie titles: Counselor UndoneQuarterback CasanovaRunaway Heart

Elevator pitch for this book: An action-packed, historical romance that pits a fierce, Black Highland warrior against a feisty, Scottish lass he inadvertently kidnaps then must help return to her clan in an enemies-to-lovers tale with vibes of Dirty Harry in a kilt meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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