Swashbuckling Inspiration for “Never Cross a Highlander”

Image Via Instagram

Bingeworthy, swashbuckling fun with a romantic flair!

That’s exactly what I found when I stumbled across the BBC America’s THE MUSKETEERS on Hulu at the beginning of the year. Yeah, yeah, I know. I was super late to the party. But, in this case, definitely better late than never!

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is one of my all-time favorite novels. So, to find that book encapsulated in a riveting TV series was super thrilling. With three full seasons, no less!

Even more fun, I was in the throes of fleshing out NEVER CROSS A HIGHLANDER, and the mood, music, and themes of the show so mirrored what I envisaged for my story that I adopted the show’s theme song as my go-to, get-in-the-mood writing music for the novel. If you listened to the Romance In Color #WritingInColour podcast episode featuring me and Tati on June 18th (available on Spotify), you know I mention the show.

So, if you’d love to get an idea of the intended vibe of my upcoming highlander series, check out the theme song for The Musketeers on my Highlander Inspo YouTube playlist. I’ll be adding more tidbits to the playlist for you to connect with the hero, Kallum MacNeill, and his lady love’s story. So, stay tuned!