Amazon Best Seller: It’s a Football Thing . . . (Quarterback Casanova)

Quarterback Casanova by Lisa Rayne - Interacial Romance (BWWM)
Amazon Best Seller

A great big THANK YOU to all my fans and new readers for helping Quarterback Casanova debut on not one, but two, Amazon Best Seller Lists! The first book in my new sports romance series the Kansas City Griffins debuted as a best seller in Multicultural Romance and in Sports Genre Fiction. How cool is that?

I’m feeling kinda groovy. Makes me want to be done with Book 2 of the series, Sideline Serenade. Good for you. Extra pressure for me. So . . . I better get back to writing.

Thanks for stopping by. And again, thanks for the reader support. Go tell a few friends what you liked about the book, and please do leave me an Amazon review. A review is the second-best way to support an author (after actually buying their book, of course . . . LOL!).

Carpe libris!

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