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Book 2 | Love & Law Series


Love lost leads to passion rekindled…

Widower CHASE HAGER agreed to be his law partner’s best man not realizing the upcoming nuptials would cause a crack in his still-grieving heart. Taking over the trial phase of the firm’s biggest patent infringement case keeps the pain at bay until a forgotten letter from his deceased wife forces him to keep a two-year-old promise that leads him back to the hospital where she died.

DR. NICELE SOLOMON is initially happy to see the husband of her favorite former hospital patient walk into her office and offer his assistance in her battle for much-needed funding for the women’s oncology ward. But when the two butt heads over the testamentary edict that might solve her capital issues, Nicele wants the sexy lawyer gone. With her budget reallocation quest putting her staff position at risk, the doc’s got enough turmoil in her life without a kindling attraction to an obstinate man still in love with a woman he lost years ago.

Eventually, Chase figures out the heated exchanges between him and the aloof physician are more foreplay than animosity, and adversarial sparks ignite into an intense night of passion that leaves him dazed and confused. Chase never thought lightning could strike twice, but his interplay with the good doctor incites the unexpected loosening of the shackles around his heart. Now, he must fight not only to save her job but to seize his second chance at forever by convincing her his heart is free to love again.

Chapter 1


* * * End Excerpt * * *

© Copyright 2017, Lisa Rayne. All Rights Reserved.


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