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Book 3 | Love & Law Series


ROYAL MCCORMICK loves women. He simply chooses not to fall in love with any of them. Raised without a father, he’s dead set against starting a family of his own. He’s content with his carefree relationships and soaring legal career. Then life throws him a curveball. To keep his mind off his own troubles, Royal spends time at the hottest sports bar in town putting out fires for its feisty owner.

With her business about to tank, the last thing NARISA MORGAN needed was an unplanned pregnancy or her newlywed cousin’s nosy law partner butting into her life. As attendants in the big society nuptials, she and Royal had played a hot game of flirt-and-seek during the wedding festivities. But now Royal’s sexy presence is screwing with her peace of mind, and she wants him gone.

Despite Narisa’s objections, Royal has no intention of walking away until he finds a way to neutralize Narisa’s mounting business crisis. When sexual sparks grow into something more, Royal struggles to accept his unexpected change of heart until a secret regarding Narisa’s unborn baby threatens everything he never knew he wanted.


* * * End Excerpt * * *

© Copyright 2016, Lisa Rayne. All Rights Reserved.

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