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Love & Law (Series)

The Love & Law saga will comprise novel-length, stand-alone stories featuring characters linked by family, work or intrigue. The first series of the saga features the lawyers of Remington Tower (and their acquaintances). Book 1 (Counselor Undone) introduces us to Michael Remington, corporate litigator and leader of the law firm Remington Hager & McCormick. Counselor Undone also introduces us to Michael’s best friend, Chase Hager, and their partner, Royal McCormick. Bound by camaraderie, ambition, and an equity interest in one of the most successful law firms in Kansas City, Missouri, Michael and his partners will immerse you in a world where the twists of their journeys are only surpassed by the love they find along the way.



Kansas City Griffins (Series)

The Kansas City Griffins series centers around a fictional professional football team located in Kansas City. In deference to the veteran Missouri team housed in Arrowhead Stadium, the owner of the Kansas City Griffins set the young expansion team across the state line in Kansas. In the first book of the series (Quarterback Casanova), get to know backup quarterback Dash Janssen and his struggle to overcome a PR nightmare, a team owner who wants him gone, and a reporter ex-girlfriend who resurfaces at the worse possible time. It’s a fun ride.

So . . . Are you ready for some football?!



International Love Games (Novella Series)

When the world’s greatest athletic competitions roll around every few years in exotic locations around the globe, several athletes find that the most important competitions of their lives aren’t always in the sports arena. When it’s all on the line, these heros and heroines learn the hard way that victory ALWAYS lies in the heart.

Author Lisa Rayne


Lisa Rayne is an Amazon Bestselling Author who loves sports, movies, music, and books. An avid reader, the only thing she likes more than curling up with a good book is writing one.

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