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Events: Midwest Romance Writers

Events » Today, I joined the Midwest Romance Writers (Romance Writers of America® Chapter 197) and met a slew of fabulous Heartland authors. This vibrant group of writers held an excellent program and made me want to visit with them more than just once a month. Among...

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How #WriteClub Changed My Life

“There are thousands of first chapters out there. You need to finish the book.”  ~Unknown As I sit here today, I am one of ten finalists in the Harlequin 2013 So You Think You Can Write Contest! It's a surreal moment for me. Between now and November 25 the public can...

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So I Think I Can Write?

Yep! I do! I pulled the trigger and put my work out there for public reading (*gasp* and *oh, my*). I got serious about writing and editing and studying the publishing industry about two years ago, but only a few close friends have ever read my work. The most common...

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